W Yorkshire Hoards : 3000 BC – 1643     This recent article about Yorkshire coin hoards was published on the Culture24 website. The online collaboration by the York Museums Trust and Google gives us an insight into the collections that is not immediately apparent even if you are able to visit the museums in […read more…]

AAA The London Mint of Constantius and Constantine   by Hugh Cloke and Lee Toone   A comprehensive catalogue and survey of the output of the London mint from AD 296 to 325. From when Constantius invaded Britain to regain the Britannic Empire back from Allectus to its closure in 325 when Constantine began to […read more…]

B ROMAN EMPIRE: POWER & PEOPLE B THE NATION’S ROMAN TREASURES REVEALED IN LEEDS   The ‘Pharaoh: King of Egypt’ exhibition set a precedent in 2012 as Leeds City Museum’s most successful show to date and this Autumn sees Leeds City Museum maintain the momentum by announcing that the Romans are coming from 20 September […read more…]

bbbbb   Connecting Through Coinage – June 2014   A free conference examining the history and archaeology of Roman and Early Medieval York and Yorkshire through discussion of its coinage.   On the 13 and 14th of June 2014, York Museums Trust, in association with the University of York and the Yorkshire Numismatic Society, will host a two day conference which […read more…]

Roman Mosaic On Display After 20 Years

  A Roman mosaic  not seen in public for more than 20 years is to go on permanent display in Northamptonshire.   The mosaic once formed the centrepiece of one of  a Roman villa that was discovered by archaeologists at Stanwick Lakes in the 1980s.   The excavations of Stanwick Lakes in the Nene Valley […read more…]

Another Early Constantine Helmet with a Diadem Style Band

  A further example of this interesting bust type variant has come to light (see post below – “Have his Laurels Slipped?”. This time the diadem or band on the helmet seems to have pellets along its length making it look very much like a diadem. The coin is RIC VI (London) 202 variant : helmet decoration […read more…]

Richard G. Doty 1942 – 2013

  Sadly, Richard. G. Doty, senior numismatic curator at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, died on June 2, 2013 after battling lymphoma. As a budding numismatist, I first “met” Dick Doty many years ago  through his books. One in particular sticks in the mind, The Macmillan Encyclopedic Dictionary of Numismatics (1982) which is full of numismatic information […read more…]

Why are some Emperors looking left?

  Roman Imperial coins generally have busts on the obverse that face right. At various times and for various reasons (usually unclear!) the bust of the emperor is shown facing left. These left facers are often scarce or downright rare depending upon the emperor and sought after by collectors.   In early Imperial times, it […read more…]

Have his laurels slipped?

    At first sight a nice example of RIC VI (London) 177, Huvelin 51 with a laureate helmeted left facing bust, spear over right shoulder, shield on left arm. But wait a minute – no laurels on the laureate helmet and it’s not a plain helmet either! So a plain band around the helmet ………. I have seen a couple of other […read more…]

A Formerly Unique Dated Coin of Constantine from London!

  This blog entry originally appeared elsewhere in May 2010 as “A Unique Dated Coin of Constantine from London!”. Recently, two further examples have come to light and so it was felt useful to post a revised version here.     The second consulship of Constantine and Licinius (COS II) began on the first of […read more…]

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