A LMCC  Supplement No. 1 Published   We have just published on the addenda page a downloadable pdf supplement to our 2015 book, The London Mint of Constantius and Constantine (LMCC). The supplement is designed so that users of LMCC can add it to their copies of the book for easy reference.  The document, “Supplement No. 1”, follows the A4 […read more…]

    LMCC Plate Coins for Sale   London mint plate coins from LMCC are now being offered for sale and those available are listed on the ‘Coins for sale’ page. Images are, of course, in the book but I will add images over the coming week. A selection of other London mint coins will also be […read more…]

  Wold Newton Hoard Lecture by Andrew Woods   In this lecture organised by the Yorkshire Numismatic Society, Dr Andrew Woods, Senior Curator, York Museums Trust, discusses the Wold Newton hoard. The hoard was found in 2015 and acquired by York Museums Trust in 2016. It is now on display in the Yorkshire Museum.    […read more…]

  LMCC Addenda Page Revised June 2017   It has been a while since the LMCC addenda has been updated. There have been a number of items accumulating over the last few months and in particular, the recent ROMA auctions of ‘The Collection of a Connoisseur’ has provided us with some interesting new material. We […read more…]

LMCC Addenda page Revised LMCC Addenda Page Revised   We have recently updated the LMCC addenda page to include the new London mint coins discovered in the Wold Newton hoard and a number of other new coins submitted by collectors. The new entries are repeated below for ease of identification.   New London mint coins […read more…]

The Wold Newton Hoard   The Wold Newton Hoard     The Wold Newton hoard was discovered in 2014 and is now on display at the Yorkshire Museum. In the pot were 1,857 coins all dating from the Tetrarchic period apart from one radiate. Over a quarter of the coins in the hoard, exactly 500, […read more…]

Constantius: York’s Forgotten Emperor Constantius: York’s Forgotten Emperor   New Exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum in York   July 16 – October 9 2016   The life of the Roman emperor who reconquered Britain and briefly made York one of the centres of the Roman World will be told at the Yorkshire Museum this summer. […read more…]

New Constantine the Great London Type With Decorated Shield New Constantine the Great London Type With Decorated Shield   IMP CONSTANTINVS P F AVG   Bust B2 (z) left ( 28.0 x 27.0 mm 7.06 g 6h). Shield is decorated with two captives seated back to back, trophy between. Steve Thomas collection. The detail of […read more…]

Rare London Mint Coin Sold at CNG Rare London Mint Coin Sold at CNG   This coin was sold in CNG’s electronic auction 368 in February 2016 for a hammer price of $360 against an estimate of $100. Although we knew of this coin type when we wrote LMCC we were unable to find an […read more…]

The London Mint of Constantius and Constantine (LMCC) 1st Edition The London Mint of Constantius and Constantine (LMCC) 1st Edition   A number of additional corrections have been noted and added to the corrections page on this website. We are also aware of a number of typo errors that we will save for any potential reprint […read more…]

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