The DiMarzio Collection

The most important London mint collection for over a decade is about to come to market. Not since the Vogelaar collection was offered by Spink and CNG in 2008 and 2009 will so much material come onto the market. The collection has been built up over twenty years and consists of over 500 pieces that will be offered by CNG over several sales starting with CNG 120. There will be further offerings in e-auction 516, CNG 121, and e-auction 525. Paul DiMarzio kept impeccable records of these coins and provenance is recorded for each item.

The collection includes many LMCC plate coins and some coins that have yet to feature in LMCC. That will have to wait until the second edition. I have taken great pleasure in helping Paul build up this collection and hope that it can be published in its entirety in some form in the future. CNG have allowed Paul the space to include a bio about him and his collection and this is included in the first lot here – CNG 120

It’s disappointing to lose a collector of this series but it does give others the opportunity to acquire some rare and interesting coins, as well as fill in a few gaps with more common pieces. I think it is fair to say that there will be something for everyone!