January 2012 Newsletter


Happy new year to all our visitors!


Launch of new coin mall – NumisMall


We are pleased to announce that we have now launched our new online store at NumisMall. Visit it here Hookmoor at NumisMall. We are just beginning to upload our  existing stock and it may take us several weeks to achieve this. NumisMall is a new coin mall and although, like with any new venture, we anticipate a few teething issues, we are pleased with progress so far and expect it to provide an excellent way of presenting new material to wider audiences. We also want it to be an excellent customer experience, so any feedback is more than welcome. Our experience of the site so far is that the owners and developers are very responsive to feedback and suggestions.


In the meantime we will be attending the usual coin fairs at York and Wakefield where we will have a good selection of coins on offer. In particular, we have a nice group of Amorican billon staters and some provenanced Romano-British hoard coins.


Relaunch of the Yorkshire Numismatic Society


We are pleased to support the Yorkshire Numismatic Society and look after its website here Yorkshire Numismatic Society. After several years struggling to attract new members, the society has recently been energised by an influx of new members and is putting on an excellent programme of events for 2012. It starts at the York Coin Fair with Master Robert Turner, the former Queen’s Remembrancer presenting “The Trial of the Pyx”.


The YNS will then host Kevin Leahy’s talk on the Staffordshire Hoard as part of the Harrogate Coin Fair at 11:30am on Saturday 24th March at the Old Swan Hotel. This amazing Anglo-Saxon hoard, found near Tamworth, is one of the greatest detecting finds in England. Historians are still struggling to understand the circumstances of its deposition and the meaning of the damage inflicted on the jewel-encrusted, richly-engraved gold constituting the hoard. This is an opportunity to hear one of the most entertaining speakers on the numismatic circuit – an archaeologist who has been involved with the find since the discovery. Kevin is the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s National Finds Adviser – Early Medieval metalwork.


Yorkshire Numismatist 4


The next volume of the Yorkshire Numismatist will be published later this year. The draft contents list is available on the YNS website.  The piece on the Silverdale Hoard by Gareth Williams will provide the first opportunity to read in detail about the hoard. There are also some articles based on talks given at the recent Moneta Britannia conference.


Hookmoor List Number One


I am afraid that because of the pressures of setting up the new online shop at Numismall, the promised Romano-British list is having to take a back seat at the moment. We still plan to issue this later in the year and this will complement our offerings on Numismall.


Mauseus Coins


Our sister site, Mauseus Coins, has recently posted a winter list of coins for sale and the site also has some very useful Carausius and Allectus resources available. Well worth a visit.


Symposium in Early Medieval Coinage


The Symposium in Early Medieval Coinage will take place on the 31st March 2012 at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. These events, organised by Tony Abramson, are always interesting and packed with informative talks. They are also free! Further details are available on the website here – SEMC.


Wishing you all a very successful numismatic year ahead!