A Rare Piece of Numismatic History


In 1893 the Numismatic Society of London (soon to become the Royal Numismatic Society) awarded its Numismatic Medal to William Henry Waddington in recognition of his work on the Greek Coinages of Asia Minor. Formerly the French Ambassador to the Court of St James in London, Monsieur Waddington was back in Paris and was unable to receive the medal himself. On June 15th 1893 it was presented to the British Foreign Secretary who was to pass it on – presumably in a diplomatic pouch!


M. Waddington was notified of this impending award in a letter from the eminent Greek numismatist Barclay Vincent Head, Keeper of Coins at the British Museum. We are pleased to be able to offer this actual letter, a unique piece of numismatic history in our online numismatic store on NumisMall. Click on the image below to visit the store.

Signed letter from Barclay Vincent Head (1844-1914), Greek numismatist and Keeper of Coins at the British Museum.


An autograph letter signed to William Henry Waddington, French Ambassador in London and author of “Recueil Generale des Monnaies Grecques d’Asie Mineure”  confirming the award of the Numismatic Medal, submitting the proposed inscription, and discussing his sighting of “two new Lampascene gold staters”. Waddington was awarded the Royal Numismatic Society (then the Numismatic Society of London) Medal in 1893 in recognition of his work on the Greek coinages of Asia Minor. He was the eleventh winner of the medal. 4 pages, 6 x 4 inches, fine.


An interesting piece of numismatic history, rare and unique.