A Consular ADVENTVS of Constantine

The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) has once again made an interesting contribution to my studies. The first coin was brought to my attention a few months ago and seemed to be a previously unknown consular bust issue ADVENTVS of the star in right field issue of London. Found in Norfolk, its condition leaves much to be desired but one had to assume that this coin was the first known to link a consular bust of Constantine with an ADVENTVS reverse. Fast forward a couple of months and look what appears in an article by Sam Moorhead in the March edition of “Treasure Hunting” magazine.

This coin is in much better condition and confirms the link between these obverse and reverse types for this issue. Looking closely, one can determine that these coins are an obverse die match, although not a reverse die match. These discoveries potentially strengthen the theory that Constantine visited Britain in AD311 just prior to his consulship that started on 1st January AD 312. No doubt further examples of these types will come to light in the future. Not quite the Frome Hoard, but on a different scale, another success for PAS!