This page will provide information on important Romano-British coin hoards. The choice of what to include will be mine and, no doubt, some will disagree with the choices. The criteria for inclusion are simple. Either the hoards are important in terms of what they have added to our understanding of Romano-British coinage or are important to collectors as they have been released to the commercial trade and can be found to be added to collections if one looks hard enough – or some might say gets lucky. Over time I will be developing a separate page for each of the following hoards and adding to the list:

Arras – the famous hoard of gold that included the Arras Medallion struck to commemorate the victory of Constantius over Allectus.

Beachy Head – one of three closely related hoards found in 1961, 1964 and 1973 – more soon.

Bicester – 440 nummi AD317 to 348.

Boursies – 3,509 nummi to AD313/314.


Dorchester – 22,121 to AD 257.




Nether Compton

Normanby – 47,898 silver and billon antoninianii AD253 to 287.