Numismatic Books

I am currently having to slim down my personal numismatic library. So, over the next few months I will be listing a number of books for sale on this page. Further information and images are available on request.

I can only ship within the UK and all prices include shipping by Royal Mail. There would also be the option of collecting from the York Coin Fair next January if that goes ahead.


Catalogue Des Monnaies de l’Empire Romain of the Bibiliothéque Nationale Francaise

Volume I      Augustus   (1988)   Casebound, as new.   £50  

Volume II    Tiberius to Nero   (1988)   Casebound, as new.   £50

Volume III   From AD 68 to Nerva   (1998)   Casebound with dustjacket.   £75

Volume IV   Trajan   (2008)   Casebound with dustjacket.   £60


The Snettisham Roman Jeweller’s Hoard by Catherine Jones

British Museum 1997. Casebound with dust jacket and as new. £30


The Legionary Fortress Baths at Caerleon by J. David Zienkiewicz

Volume II – The Finds. National Museum of Wales 1986. Casebound with dust jacket and as new. £50


Coin Hoards by the Royal Numismatic Society

Volumes I (1975), II (1976) and III (1977) all casebound. £30 for all three or £12 each.


Coins of the Roman Empire in the British Museum 

Complete in six volumes – Augustus to Balbinus and Pupienus. Spink 2005 reprint in as new condition. £225


La Trouvaille de Canakkale (Turquie) by Pflaum aand Bastien

The rare catalogue of the important Canakkale hoard of 3,044 denarii and antoninianii from AD 261 to 284. Soft covers in excellent condition from the libarary of Georges le Riderwith his bookplate. £75 


Roman Imperial Coins in the Hunter Coin Cabinet Volume IV

Covering the period from Valerian to Allectus. 1978. Price cut from front inner dust jacket, otherwise excellent condition. £75


A Dictionary of Roman Coins by Seth W. Stevenson

Dated but still very useful. Seaby 1982 reprint in excellent condition and over 900 pages. £30


Revue Numismatique 1985 Tome XVII

This contains Huvelin’s articles on the gold coins of Carausius. £25


Essays in Roman Coinage presented to Harold Mattingly

Hard covers. Ex Libris J S Vogelaar with his bookplate. 1979 reprint. £35


Roman Republican Moneyers and their Coins 63BC – 49BC by Michael Harlan

Soft covers. £25


Becker the Counterfeiter by George Hill

Hard bound. Part I and Part II bound together. £35


Numismatic Circular Vol. LLXXXII 1974

Rare fully bound year set with index bound in. £25 


Greek Coin Types and their Identification by Richard Plant

Soft Covers. Used condition. £20


Die Goldprägung der gallischen Kaiser von Postumus bis Tetricus by Bernhard Schulte

Hard covers with dust jacket. As new. £35


Essays Presented to Humphrey Sutherland edited by Carson and Kraay

Hard covers with dust jacket. £20


Mints, Dies and Currency – Essays in Memory of Albert Baldwin edited by Carson

Hard covers with ragged dust jacket. £55


La Venera Hoard

Three volumes, all soft covers. Volume I Gordian III to Quintillus by J B Giard in slip case of issue. Volume II (in two parts) Aurelian, Tacitus and Florian by S Estiot in custom made slip case. The Venera hoard of some 47,000 coins was found in 1876 and retained intact in the Verona museum. It has now been recatalogued and these are the first three volumes in the series. £125


A Dictionary of Ancient Greek Coins by John Melville Jones

A useful handbook on Greek numismatic terms in a traditional A-Z format. Very good condition and 250 pages. £20


Roman Bronze Coins from Paganism to Christianity 294-364 AD by Victor “Tory” Failmezger

New. £25


The Undated Coins of Rome AD 98-148 by Philip V. Hill

Spink 1970 edition. Excellent condition. £25 


The Coinage of Roman Britain by Gilbert Askew

First edition, 1951. £15


Catalogue of Alexandrian Coins by J G Milne

With a supplement by Colin Kraay, 1971. SOLD