LMCC – Addenda





This page will be used to add new coin types to the published catalogue. Images where included are not to scale and copyright remains with the original owner. All new types published in the addenda prior to 30th September 2018 and a few other unpublished items have now been integrated into a digital supplement. Supplement No. 1 is available for download here – LMCC Supplement No. 1

It includes a number of blank pages to allow for home printing into a booklet of 28 pages when print both sides is selected.

NB – Page 13, the images for and have been transposed. At some point we will revise the PDF to reflect this and any other typos that come to light.

Coins discovered post September 2018 will continue to be listed below and included in Supplement No. 2 in due course.


Supplement No. 2 Coins   MAXIMINVS NOBILISSIMVS CAES   Bust B2 (z) left  with flying Victory on shield. Steve Thomas collection (27 x 26 mm 10.6 g 6h).   CONSTANTINVS AG   Bust E2 (y). From the ‘Not in RIC‘ website citing the Philippe Gysen collection (4.35 g). From the same obverse die as 7.09.002 and 7.14.009.   CONSTANTINVS AVG   Bust B2. BM 1977,1005.54 (2.58 g 6h) ex Waddington.