London Mint Coins

More coins will be listed on this page over the coming weeks.   CONSTANTINVS P AVG   Bust D2 (z) left. RIC —; LMCC —.

Rated RR. Not listed in RIC and an unknown type when LMCC was published in 2015. We now know of four examples,  two struck from the same set of dies.



8.03.001   IMP CONSTANTINVS AVG   Bust B2. RIC 21.

Rated RR. The last ADVENTVS issue which probably commemorates the final visit of Constantine to Britain in AD 314. 



9.02.023   CONSTANTINVS IVN N C   Bust C5 left. RIC 184 cor.

Rated R. A very rare reverse type for London with the seated captives each side of a trophy rather than a standard. Although this coin has been harshly cleaned, such reverse types are rarely seen on the market.