These pages provide some basic resources for those interested in finding out more about Romano-British coinage. It is not all available on the web, I’m afraid and the purchase of some old fashioned books may be required. We occasionally list used books on our books for sale page but for new numismatic books I can recommend Spink. I have been buying my books from them for over 30 years now and have yet to be disappointed.

The resources pages are broken down into three sections:


A list of recommended books.


Hoards are very important to understanding Romano-British numismatics and these pages should give you some basic knowledge of the major ones that you will come across. However, you should understand that Anne Robertson’s magisterial “An Inventory of Romano-British Coin Hoards” published in 2000 contains details of 1,900 hoards – and many more have been found since. Richard Abdy’s Shire publication “Romano-British Coin Hoards” is an inexpensive introduction to this topic and is easily obtainable.


A list of the more useful and more permanent websites.